We understand that you may need to cancel your Nutritionist Pro™ online account.  

We offer 2 options for cancelling your account:

  • If you think you will need the application again in the future we suggest that you freeze your account.  The cost is only $59 annually, and this will ensure that your data is not deleted from the system.  If you would like to freeze your account please login to your Nutritionist Pro Food Labeling application and select Manage Accounts from the top right hand username.  Then select Subscriptions, you will see a cancel button click and cancel button and you will be taken to steps that show you how to freeze your account. 
    • Once you Freeze your account you will not be able to use the software but your data will not be removed from the application.  You can come back and purchase a full plan when you are ready and then freeze it again when your work finishes.  Each time you need to freeze the account the cost is $59.  
  • If you choose to cancel your account and you don't want to freeze it, your account will automatically be purged and your nutrition data will be deleted.  This is not reversable so please make sure you are clear about this step before you decide to take this step.