If you need to change the main user's email and or password please follow these simple steps and update the info as needed

To change it inside the NexGen Application see these steps below:--

  • Login in to NexGen application update your account details.  
  • https://nexgen1.nutritionistpro.com/auth/login  use your Username (main email address) and Password to login.  If you don't recall your password please use the forget password option on the login page.  
  • Once you login click on your username on the top right hand side and you will see an option for Manage Accounts.  Inside the Dashboard you will see on the left hand side another Manage Account option click that.  You will see the users shown here and next to the users there is a small Green Icon on the right hand side see pdf attached.  

Please also inform us so we can update our accounting system this way invoices can go to the new person.