1. Nutritionist Pro is able to create labels for a few regions – USA, Canada, UK/EU, China/HK. For these labels, the government allows the food and food service industry to use an ingredient database and software to calculate recipe data and food labels.
  2. Nutritionist Pro uses USDA, CNF, EU/UK databases and other government sources of data as well as data from the manufacturer.  In addition, our users are able to add ingredients not found in the software from their ingredients’ food package.
  3. This type of analysis is allowed by the government of these regions.  The various agencies request that you keep good records of your analysis and we recommend that when you are using the foods found in our database you should always look for the source of the food data which is shown next to the food name when you are searching and selecting.  So, if you are making a Canada Label use the data from Canada etc.  The agencies don't provide a list of software vendors, but they allow ingredient databases to be used and leave it up to you to decide which ones you want to use.
  4. So if you are not sure if your region allows a nutrient and ingredient database to be used then we recommend you ask your particular region contact and if they do allow it then you can use this type of tool.  You can also send them the link to our website for further information as well.