Laboratory VS Database Nutrient Analysis 

Nutritionist Pro uses a Database for nutrient analysis we capture data from around the world from different sources and our software can be used to calculate nutrient breakdown of recipes, ingredients, food labels, diets, menus and more.  

What is the difference between Laboratory VS Database Analysis 

  1. Laboratory VS Database Nutrient Analysis:  Each process handles nutrient analysis differently and the government agencies do not enforce one over the other. As long as you keep good records and follow good protocols you are allowed to use either or both of these options.     
  2. Reliability of Data: From Literature and Research the industry has said that over the long run the database values for ingredients tend to be more accurate since it relies on averages of data points.      
  3. Both process can give different results -- Remember the database relies on average nutritional content of ingredients vs lab analyzes the sample the one time it was made.  Samples can vary every time you send it to a Lab since there can be variations in the sample.  For database creation check the recipe to make sure the recipe has no mistakes and all the ingredients have the right amount added etc.  
  4. Extensive data source to make recipe/formula creation easier and faster:Our team works with many different food sources around the world.  We have ingredient data from USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, Latin/Central America and more.  We also have easy steps for users to add their own custom ingredients to the software that can be used in their recipes and labels.