We at Axxya Systems understand that navigating and then implementing the new Menu Labeling guidelines at your restaurant or vending facility can be a daunting task.  

FDA has released a date for compliance May 5 2017!

But don's stress, we are here to help!  These resources below are a great place to start and if we can do anything to help please contact us anytime.  We are available via chat, email or simply call us as needed.

  1. FDA links to Menu Labeling guidelines -- Menu Labeling Guidelines
  2. FDA links to Vending Machine labeling guidelines -- Vending Machine Labeling guidelines
  3. If you are looking for a great training option, check out the online training offered by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics http://www.eatrightstore.org/collections/restaurant-menu-labeling 

How Axxya Systems can be a part of your solution?

We offer a few options for our restaurants and vending clients.

  1. Our software and online applications use a nutrient database of ingredients and packaged foods, this data is then used by your team to build a recipe or menu item and see their nutrient profile.  FDA allows few different methodologies for calculating nutrient values such as and not limited to, "nutrient databases, cookbooks, laboratory analysis and other reasonable means."
  2. Use recipes reports and/or label data to calculate nutrient profile, have reports available for FDA contacts if needed which makes record keeping and documentation easy to manage.  
  3. Create Menu items with various sub recipes to see different calorie ranges.  For example if you serve a combination meal like sandwich with fries or salad, you can create menu items with the various sub recipes and see nutrient breakdown for each combination meal.  This range of calories can then be displayed on your menu board to meet menu labeling compliance.  

  • contact our team and based on your specific needs we can help find the right product for you.  
  • If you would like to see our entire list of products please click here for our product catalog.