No worries Nutritionist Pro can help.  We compile ingredient data from many regions and we have labels for many regions.  What you need to get started is this list.

  1. Make sure you know the yield of your recipe and your portion amount.  For example for your chicken pasta recipe perhaps it makes 3 ounce portion and has about 30 portions.
  2. Have your ingredients written out with weight or common household portions.  For example chicken 3 pounds, tomatoes 15 kilograms, 1 teaspoon of salt etc
  3. Now you are ready to build your recipe in Nutritionist Pro.  Go to our recipe section and start to enter your recipe data and build your recipe.
  4. Once you are done you can look at the nutrient profile and see how your recipe looks.
  5. To make your label go to our label section and pull your recipe into the label of your choice.
  6. Once you are done with the label you can save or print it as needed.

We offer excellent videos on our webpages please visit our video library for details on each of these features.Remember using a software allows you to play with recipes, and modify it easily to see how the nutrient profile will change.   Please use all the resources offered and your label creation will become a snap.