Q.How does Nutritionist Pro handle water loss in recipes?

A.Nutritionist Pro moisture allows users to remove the % of moisture lost during cooking. For this feature to work the ingredients must contain a moisture value. The app will remove moisture from the per serving amount shown in the nutrient tab of the recipe. Once that happens your serving size gram weight shown in nutrients tab will get adjusted. 

For ex if the recipe has 100 g of moisture per serving and the moisture loss is 50% and the per serving gram weight is 10 ounces or 283.5 grams then after the moisture loss the new serving size will be 233.5 grams or 8.24 ounces. In the nutrient tab you will see the gram weight be changed to 233.5 grams and the new moisture value will be 50 grams.

Please see 2 pdf documents attached pick the pdf based on the platform you are using -- Online vs Desktop for more tips on the water loss feature.