Q: If I have a recipe that was 1 cup and # of servings was 10 and I changed it to 2 cups for serving amount but I kept the # of servings to 10. i go to the nutrient profile of recipe section and when I make a label in the label section I don’t see my nutrients scaled appropriately. Can you please explain how to do this correctly in the Nutritionist Pro applications?

A: Basically the software works in this manner. If you have a recipe and your serving amount is a volume measure for ex 1 cup or 2 cups since for every food the cup gram weight is not the same, there is no universal way to convert 1 cup etc. to another amount. 

If you are manipulating the 1 cup to 2 cups you must also change the # of servings in the app since theoretically you have less food to serve now since your per portion increased. Once you do that the nutrition will scale correctly. Another alternative is this -- If you want to rely on the software to do this calculation then we recommend you pick a weighted measure like grams or kilograms, or pounds or ounces for your serving size since that has a universal weight for each food meaning 1 ounce of chicken is 28.35 grams and so is 1 ounce of flour. Now if you switch from 1 ounce to 2 ounce the software knows how to convert since the universal formula exists and your # of servings will change automatically and the nutrients will scale as needed.