Thank you for your question regarding taxes and VAT.  Let me clarify how our setup works.  Please note the price we gave you is the price of our application without tax added to it.  The price is the base price and tax is not calculated into it.  From our side if you need to pay a certain % to your country's tax entity you have to calculate that on the total of the invoice.  For example if your invoice total for our product is $1800 USD and you need to pay 10% tax to your country then you would need to make sure we are paid the full $1800 USD amount and then add the 10% of tax or vat for you country that you will pay to them directly.  Our company would need to be paid the full amount because we don’t have tax built into our price of the software. 
If you need an invoice for your accounting where you need tax added to your invoice then please contact us and we will be happy to increase our base price by the % of tax you need to pay.  This way you will have an invoice which has both base price and tax added into it.  That way you would still pay us $1800 USD and the other 10% to your country for tax purposes.  
See our policy below. 
**PLEASE NOTE: We Reverse-Charge for VAT and it is not included in the invoice. Therefore, it is your responsibility to report VAT to your country's authorities.

Thank you hope this clarifies