At Axxya Systems we understand that after you create labels in our Nutritionist Pro applications (both Online and Desktop) you need to now think about how to place those images on your final packages.

We have some great options for you below:  

  1. We have teamed up with an easy to use online label printing service.  Its fast, easy and affordable. See our link for the services here  and we also offer step by step pdf guide below. 
  2. You can also work with Graphics Designers, send them the image created in the software and have them design the final package for you. 
  3. You can purchase printers once the image is created you can send the file over to many different label printing printers that can create stickers or other label formats for you -- An example of a label printer from Avery Dennison is the Tabletop ADTP1 300 DPI printer.  We recommend that when you work with any companies, send them a sample of your label image from Nutritionist Pro and see what the output looks like and if it will meet your final needs, regarding size etc.  
  4. If you need to print stickers or other similar items you can use the jpg or png file formats the Nutritionist Pro application creates and then save this image.  Based on the steps your printer recommends use the saved file to print the label as needed.   

We are also working with some other vendors and will add their contact details here shortly.  Contact our team for any questions.  If you would like to become a vendor we can work with please feel free to contact us as well.