At Axxya Systems we understand that after you create labels in our Nutritionist Pro applications (both Online and Desktop) you need to now think about how to place those images on your final packages.

We have some great options for you below:  

Brother Printers

We offer a few Brother Printer options for portable label printing.  It is very easy to purchase and use these printers, let us know if we can help answer any questions.  To purchase or learn more visit this site --

Avery Printers

Avery Dennison Tabletop ADTP1 300 DPI printer.  We recommend you connect with Avery Dennison send them a sample of your label image from Nutritionist Pro™ and see what the output looks like. 

Digital Printing company

If you wish to use a printing company you can check out  This is an easy to use online label printing service.    

In house or consulting design and package team

If your team has an inhouse or a consulting design and package team you can simply send them the graphics image file from Nutritionist Pro™ to help complete the design and package for your food item. 

Please feel free to Contact our team for any questions.  If you would like to become a vendor we can work with please feel free to contact us as well.