Recipe Loading Issue in Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen Online Application


If you see this loading icon that does not go away -- it is because the ingredient you have added has some missing data.  

Figure 1 Recipe Loading Icon


Reason for this continuous loading issue is missing data from your ingredients.  

Steps to resolve this 

  1. Close this recipe window
  2. The issue is that some ingredient here has some data that is either missing or removed.   To find that ingredient inside this recipe follow the steps below. 
  3. Go to reports/recipe and pull a report of the recipe that will not load.  This report should list all the ingredients inside your recipe.  Check if any are sub recipes present, if they are you will need to pull the report of that one as well.
  4. Now look at each ingredient inside your recipe and sub recipes.  Go to the report section of the ingredients and pull the nutrient analysis report for each ingredient.  Save the pdf of each of these.  
  5. Next check the pdf to see the top of the report where it shows the measure see if you accidently made any errors in the measure meaning it is perhaps a 0 or a null.  If so inform your tech agent of those items and they will assist in resolving this issue. 
  6. If you checked all ingredient reports and the measure is all ok then inform your agent of this as well so we can see if there is another reason.