Axxya Systems has proudly added Online technology to our current product line.  Using online technology offers our clients an ability to truly be mobile and take their product with them everywhere they go.  You don't have to worry about installing or licensing, or upgrading the application.  We handle all of that for you, all you do is log in the application from anywhere you are and access all your nutrition data easily.  All that is required is an internet connection.  

Off course we do understand some clients do prefer the CD as well.  So we completely understand and support our clients and offer both options.   

The main difference between CD and Online is how you access the software -- via your own machine that houses the software or via the cloud which is where we handle the software for you.  Both have pros and cons its a matter of what your own end goal is.  

Currently we offer the following features in our Cloud version 

  1. recipes/formulas -- add, edit and modify unlimited recipes or food products and see their nutrient breakdown.  
  2. Add unlimited ingredients if you don't find exactly what you need from our database, but our database is very large over 79,000 foods and growing so majority of the time you will not need to add too much custom ingredient data.  
  3. create unlimited food labels for many regions that meet nutrient guidelines for various regions -- USA, Canada, Europe, China/Hong Kong with various language options as well. 
  4. Add cost to recipes and organize recipes into books for easy access.
  5. and more...

For Additional details on what features the CD product offers, click the link for demo, pricing, features, etc. 

For Online we offer many options check out the online store for details. Product Catalog linkclick the link for pricing, trial, features, etc.  

We are always happy to hear what our clients have to say please drop us an email at we will be happy to hear from you.