The Network install can be installed on a windows platform.  See attached pdf steps and the explanation of our basic setup of the network install. 

Basic Setup of our Network --- 

1. Hardware requirements 

  • Network install is a 2 part installation. You will require a minimum of 2 machines one for the server install and the other for the client. Additional client installs can be installed based on the organizations need. 
  • The server houses the database and the client workstation connects to the server to access the application.
  • This runs on a windows environment the details about the requirements can be found here System req for Network Version 
2. Connecting and Communication between client and server 
  • Access and authentication -- The program uses TCP and UDP protocols to communicate between client and server.  The client and server authenticate using a db password that allows the client to connect to the db (which resides on the server). The database manages # of concurrent licenses and allows the clients to connect as needed. 
  • The communication is basic Winsock

3. Database 

  • The network version uses Sybase database (based on SQL) and all the needed engines and components are installed via our one exe.  Some ports will need to be opened for communication through your firewall etc and those port #s can be provided if needed.  
  • The basic size if about 350MB and the user adds data so that can go up as needed to accommodate the users data.