Nutritionist Pro™ application needs both the registry license key and the database that also stores the key to match, if that does not happen this error is shown, and the application is exited.  There are a few reasons for why this might be happening.  Review the reasons below, once you isolate which one applies to you follow those steps to resolve the issue.  If the steps do not resolve the issue, please contact us, inform our team which situation applies to you and we will be happy to help you.  4 situations that can cause this problem:     

  • Situation 1 -- Admin can access the application, but the user cannot
  • Situation 2 -- You are the user and don’t have admin rights
  • Situation 3 -- The license key is under Virtual Store. 
  • Situation 4 -- You moved the application from one computer to the next

Please review the attached pdf to go over steps on how to resolve this issue.